The Best Sports Betting Sites Offer More Than Odds

What’s the Best Site for Sports Betting?

There are a few sites that keep coming up on everyone’s list of the best sports betting sites on the Net. Bodog, Betmaker, The Greek and Pinnacle are four sportsbooks that are tops amongst sports bettors and reviewers alike. What does each sports betting site offer, making it one of the best? What do they have in common?

Below are some of the shared characteristics that help qualify each site as one of the best for online sports betting:

o Each site’s primary focus is sports betting. They’re dedicated to it and that means they want to do everything they can to get and keep your business. It’s true that each site offers casino games and poker; still, each of these sites excels and is best at sports betting.

o All of these online sportsbooks are noted for superior 24/7 customer service.

o They offer odds on all major U.S. sports and on other sports that are popular in other parts of the world, including cricket and soccer.

o The sites have numerous ways to process your money, fast sign-ups and solid bonus offers on deposits.

o These sports betting sites offer all of the common types of bets, such as moneyline, point spreads and over/unders.

o Each of the sites provides free information on betting and/or sports news.

o All of these sportsbooks have a track record of at least nine years.

Can you go wrong with any of these sites? It’s tough to believe that you would. Still, there are some other things to consider when determining which sports betting site is best for you.

Sites that are trying to be inventive by offering new types of wagering opportunities should always be examined carefully. The fact is all of the sports betting sites above continue to develop innovative betting opportunities, either by adding a new twist to standard types of wagers, creating new exotics or providing a new customer service feature. The best sports betting sites are always attempting to enhance their catalogue of sports. Look for a site that has a new take on betting that may benefit you.

One feature that’s bound to improve a bettor’s gambling life is actually a weakness in a sportsbook-their odds making. Sites that carry a large number of events usually have a weak spot or two, especially in the lesser bet sports. It would be tough to find a sports betting site that isn’t current on football or basketball since so many people bet on these sports. But hockey, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis and NASCAR odds can vary a lot from site to site. Shop around and you may find some great odds that are tough to turn down.

By Matt Sacoche

Sports Betting Systems – How to Win Big

If you’re looking for a sports betting system, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across potentially the best sports betting system available on the Internet. How many other betting systems can claim, and prove a 97% win rate for basketball and baseball betting, over several years?

The sports betting system we’re going to review today is called “Sports Betting Champ”, and is produced by a John Morrison who has a PhD doctorate in statistics – so you know this guy knows his stuff. Over the 2003 and 2008 seasons, John placed 521 bets on baseball and basketball games, winning a total of 506 of those bets. That’s a 97% win-rate, sustained over 5 seasons, which is astounding.

John’s sports betting system comes in three parts. Firstly, there’s the NBA basketball betting system, in which John goes into lots of detail covering how to best follow the leagues over the season, how to pick games to bet on, how to pick the right bets for that game to maximise your chances of winning, how to decide which sportsbooks to use to actually place the bets, and a whole host of other little tips and techniques to help you win.

The second part of the guide is the MLB baseball betting system, which is similar to the basketball guide, but tailored towards baseball. Again, John teaches you where to do your research, what factors to look out for and how to pick the best games to bet on, and the best bets to make. Knowing where to look for information to help you decide where to place your money is absolutely vital to success, and this is something John pays a lot of attention to.

Successful sports betting isn’t just about winning lots of bets, it’s about making smart, good value bets as John will teach you. Good value bets are those which give you as good or better odds than you have predicted by using his system. For example, if you think that one team is 3:1 to beat another team, there’s no point placing a bet which only gives you worse odds. Instead, go for the bet which offers better odds so your payout matches your perceived risk.

There is a downside to the guide though, but it’s not a huge one. The last section in Johns sports betting system is the NFL football betting section, and although John’s win-rate for NFL betting isn’t as high as the incredible 97% he achieves with NBA and MLB, a 60%+ win-rate is still very respectable. More importantly, it’s profitable when you follow his specific system for picking good value bets.

Football is a much more complex game than basketball and baseball, hence the less stable win-rate. It’s harder to correctly pick a winner, and harder to correctly pick a successful bet. However, the “Sports Betting Champ” does contain some good strategies for doing so. That said, if you’re not already into football betting, I’d recommend you don’t invest too much money into it based on this part of the guide.

All in all, the “Sports Betting Champ” system makes sports betting accessible for everyone. John has simplified his years of training in statistics and probability down to a few common sense, step by step rules for picking winners. Stick to the baseball and basketball systems, and you don’t need to worry about the complex mathematical background to the system – you just need to place the bets, collect the money, and send John a great big thank you card if you achieve the 97% win-rate that he did.

By Matt Sacoche

Top 3 Tips to Make Your Sports Bets More Profitable

If you’re new to sports betting, if you’ve dabbled a bit but are looking to really boost your win-rate, or if you’re a seasoned professional sports bettor, you can benefit from these sports bet tips. They’re so good, and so fundamental that any sports bettor could benefit from them. Read them, take them in and put them into practice. Your sports bets will thank you for it.

Tip #1 - If you’re looking to move into a new type of sports betting, whether that’s basketball, baseball, football, horses, soccer, snooker, car racing or anything else, there are always experts sharing their sports bet tips for free online.

There are tons of people who will offer you paid memberships to sports picks websites or betting systems, and while lots of them are excellent and provide well researched and profitable advice, if you just want to get a feel for the game and the sports betting market before you really dive in, do a search on the web for “free sports bet tips”.

There are thousands of great websites offering free advice, including the “Online Betting Guide” website, which has countless experts who share their sports tips for upcoming games and races. You can view their tip histories and profits and even get in touch with them to ask their advice.

Tip #2 - It might seem an obvious thing to say, but if in doubt, bet on the favourite. They’re the favourite for a reason: because they’re most likely to win in the eyes of the experts (the sportsbooks). Sports betting is easy in the sense that you’re given the best tip upfront. Now while it may be less exciting and less risky (therefore less immediately profitable), you could win more bets, more consistently, thereby raising your win-rate and allowing you to invest more in the next month’s sports bets.

Tip #3 - Sports bets are always sweeter when you’re betting with someone elses money, so take advantage of the free bonuses that online sportsbooks offer for signing up and referring your friends. There’s hundreds of dollars in free bets which you can use in two ways: either for the riskier bets with the big payouts (since you’re not risking your own bankroll), or to build your available money by taking smaller wins on safer bets.

Look out for promotional offers, promotional coupons or vouchers, and don’t be shy to invite your friends to the sites through a referral system if one exists. Often it benefits both bettors, and free bonus money means more available for you to bet with.

So that’s it. Those are my top 3 sports bet tips. If you put all three of those into practice next month and don’t see at least a tiny bit of improvement to your win-rate or bottom line, I’ll eat my hat.

By Matt Sacoche

The Thrill of Sport Bets

Two things make all sports worthwhile. For the player, it is winning that matters; for the spectator, it is casting sport bets and hoping to take home the loot. But win or loss, it is the thrill in the betting and the anticipation of winning that spices up the next round of bets.

Your Event, Your Thrill

You have the advantage when you sign-up with a gaming site that offers sport bets which you can use for any event – baseball, basketball, boxing, football, college football, horse racing, tennis, and a lot more sports events that will get your adrenalin racing when it’s betting time.

But if all that talk about the odds, point spreads, and sports books seem daunting, you can find a sport betting site that will make the experience an easy one with none of the Pythagorean Theorem stuff to scare you away from enjoying those sport bets, free or not.

Part of your game plan then is choosing the right sport betting program to help you make the soundest sports pick for your bets. Admit it, you like to make some money on sports betting.

But before you plunk in money for your bets, assess yourself, how well do you know the sports and the team involved? Knowing the basics will add to the thrill of your selected event because you have the edge over casual bettors. You have the information they don’t have.

Simple Betting Guide

If you don’t have the time for betting lessons, you’ll gain something out of this simple betting formula:

* Try the money line – The favorite team has a negative sign before their number, while the underdogs have a plus sign before theirs. For example: NY Yankees: -130; Tampa Bay Devil Rays: +120.

In this betting system, you are interested in who wins, never mind if you’ll win only $100 for a $130 sports bet for the favorite NY Yankees, or the underdog Tampa Bay Devil Rays with $100 and you win $120 (there’s more money with the underdog).

* Point spreads – Don’t always go for the favorites. You can cheer on your pet teams, but your sport bets will fare better with teams that are not the public favorites. In point spreads, you’re after who wins and how much, not who is popular with the crowd.

* Exotic wagers (parlays) – Wagering against the money line or the point spread. Sport bets wins against the money line are not fixed like the parlay against the point spreads. In a parlay against the point spread, the wagers on a five-team parlay win $25 for every $1 if all the five team win. Unless you are a pro, avoid exotic bets.

Whatever your event, try to make money out of your sport bets. Your betting program should be able to give you the confidence without added cost and the system should be easy to operate or navigate. The software should be clean, and not harbor the viruses and worms that can wreck havoc on your computer’s system.

Betting is a skill developed through the years of gambling, but the best players are those who know their limits. True, the next round of betting is just as exciting as the first, but still you have to use your judgment. Can you afford another round of sport bets, or are you ready to take the risks?

By Matt Sacoche

The Advantages Of A Sports Betting System

Lots of people like to win quick money and one of the best ways to do this is via a sports betting system. If you are a sports fan, you probably know your sport inside and out, every odd possible and the statistics. Therefore, if you put a little money on your favorite game, the odds are you will have a good night.

Nowadays, you can bet on just about any sport in any part of the world and make some big bucks while you are at it. Since the internet started taking online bets, it is even more simple for you to get into the action with a sports betting system.

There are various sports that you can bet on. Such sports include the following: soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, boxing, race car driving and horse racing among many others. Every one of these sports accepts online betting. You should search around for a reliable online sports betting site that carries your sport. Remember, if you win, you want to be paid. It makes no sense to go to a site where you most likely will not receive a payout.

These betting sites also have forums where people can chat about statistics, ask questions regarding betting and discuss their sports betting system. This can be a great advantage to many people who want to learn about online sports betting or to confirm their previous thoughts regarding who to bet on for tonight’s game.

You should also keep in mind that anyone can write on certain blogs so you should back up your resource information, especially if you yourself are not familiar with the sport of you choice’s statistics and odds. You will find forums all over the internet that are independent or part of sports betting systems. These can also be a great resource to finding websites that pay and do not pay out upon winning your game.

If you want to make the most out of your money, do not bet on a game that you do not understand. Nowadays, you can bet on virtually every single sport. Do not bet on soccer if you have never watched a game. Bet on what you know. Wouldn’t you do that in your daily life? If you are familiar with the rules, you will increase your odds along with information regarding statistics and other pertinent information such as key player injuries for instance.

Remember that gambling can be a serious addiction that can put certain key aspects of your life at risk. Therefore, you will need control over your betting efforts. Make yourself a budget. After you win, make a “gambling account”. Take out money from that account to use on bets and when you win, put it into your account equal to your initial bet plus half the winnings and put the rest into your savings account. Control is key. Using a sports betting system should be fun, so keep it that way by being responsible.

By Matt Sacoche

Sports Betting Odds – Know Your Odds of Winning Each Game!

Sports betting odds, the best odds out there of any gambling opportunity, guarantees you at least a 50/50 SHOT at winning every single game! Sports betting odds are definitely hands down the best way to make a stable income working from home. Now, if you are a hardcore sports fan, you may think you can win better than 50% of all your games, but if you don’t spend at least 8 hours a day analyzing all angles, trends, weather conditions, injuries, match ups, etc… that goes into choosing each and every winning game, than you should leave it up to the professionals.

There are plenty of professional handicappers out there that analyze sports betting odds at least 8 hours a day and can guarantee you a winning percentage of 80% or better. That is incredible and if they have a proven track record to back it up than you should definitely go with them. Most professional sports handicappers that are legit and have a proven track record won’t charge an arm and a leg for their picks. You can find a professional sports handicapper for a reasonable cost.

After you choose your sports handicapper, it is time to find a sports book that will give you a nice signup bonus. There are plenty of sports books out there that will give you at least a 100% first time sign up bonus such as bet Jamaica, Sportsbook, and even Bodog. These sportsbooks are legit and make depositing, wagering, and cashing out extremely easy. Almost all the sportsbooks today allow you to bet right in the comfort of your own home, on your phone if you’re on the go, or even allow you to call their 1-800 number and wager on the game that way. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always find a way to bet on your next game when the sports betting odds are right!

Cashing out also has never been so easy! All you have to do is hit withdrawal and your funds will be immediately placed in your bank account within 3 business days! By being able to cash out so fast, you can minimize your losses and maximize your profits. If you have a professional sports handicapper that you trust, you can build a solid bankroll and eventually quit your 9-5 boring day job and become a professional sports bettor. There are plenty of people out there today that bet solely on sports as a means of income! You can be the next one. It is an incredible life to live and such an adrenaline rush, but you’re putting your money in the right hands with a proven track record of wins. Winning at least 80% of your games overtime is quite a feat. You can build a serious amount of income in as little as a few months depending on how much you’re willing to risk. Sports betting odds can be challenging, but finding someone that can beat the odds over 80% of the time is a MUST! I wish you the best of luck!

By Matt Sacoche

Free Sports Betting Picks

When using sports betting picks, you have to be aware of that there is a proper and improper way. The proper way is to make use of expert handicapping services, which you will further learn in this article. These services may only be a secondary alternative to sports betting, but it can help you immensely when done successfully. With an expert handicapper doing your sports picks, you don’t even need to do the required work that is expected to follow a scheme. Expert handicapping services are those that perform all the analysis and research to save you some time and effort. It is a good preference for the sports betting player who does not have the time to do some research or dislikes doing so. These services will sell you the sports picks and all that is left for you to do is to put the bets with your sports book. A lot of people were actually able to successfully find great handicappers that gave them consistent wins.

The smart way is to look for a handicapper that really chooses the winners. But, you have to be cautious as there are a lot of rip-offs that only sells you nothing but garbage. They may make use of erroneous advertising and essentially lie about their calculations. However, there are also a number of good ones as well. So, how do you spot the difference?

The only effective way to surely determine if a handicapping service can choose winners is by trying them out and seeing if they select the winners. You need to rely on trial and error and settle for the ones that give you the satisfactory results over a long duration of time. It is vital to try out the course of several bets so that you would know how the handicapping service will perform in a certain length of time.

Do not forget that a handicapper can have a rise and fall, as well. They may get winning streaks as well as losing streaks. Thus, if you try a handicapping service and he wins in the first four bets, then it may have been just pure luck and might lose in the next seven bets. What’s more, you might discover a good handicapping service that loses its first four bets and then accomplishes a winning streak subsequent to that. Therefore, you would not wish to give up on a handicapping service subsequent to just a few bets. And, you would not wish to be swayed of one’s ability after only a few bets. The sole effective technique to know if a handicapper is truly good is to examine their performance for a long duration of time.

You may also ask for recommendations on good sports betting handicapping services from your friends or family and make sure you add it to your list of services to try. Handicappers that are well-known and have been in business for a long time are what you should be looking for. Once you are satisfied, stick with it in order to win consistently.

By Matt Sacoche

Sports Betting Online Has Become a Way of Life!

Sports betting has always been a popular thing to do offline and for millions of people it has become a way of life and a way to live. In fact, there are actually a lot of people that use the money they make from these sites for their livelihood; bills, food, payments, etc. Its like a full time job for them! In today’s contributing factor of sports betting can be attributed to the invention of the Internet which has really brought up some major advantages and positives for people that want to bet online.

Its fun, its convenient and its quick! Betting online is favored by most sports fanatics for the simple fact that they Internet websites offer a lot more than the old time sports bookies. I mean you can go to an Internet sports betting sites and literally bet on almost any sport you could possibly think of! With a number of online sports betting Internet sites out there on the virtual world, sports betting for the standard wagerer is no doubt easy and acquirable to wager even at the comfort and secrecy of their homes.

Another terrific thing about betting online is that you can really get into the experience of the ultimate gambling action right in front of your computer; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Unlike the old time bookies they were only available to you during major sporting events. Sports betting online is not confined at all by simple rules such as “time”. And now you don’t have to just bet on sports in your particular country; you can bet on sports all across the entire world; literally every sporting event is available for you to bet on!

However, just like betting on your localized bookies or in Las Vegas sports books, every bettor needs to have better intellect of online sports betting for him or her to generate any real profits. As what most experts say, knowledge of the sports you are about to bet on, a strong money management skill, and conditioning are the superior characteristics to your success on betting on sports online.

So before you target your wagers, it is best to make sure first that you’ve got all those winning weapons on you beforehand. I know a lot of people who would probably be able to live off of the money they make with sports betting but they simply do not know when its time to quit. So they might make $10k but then they don’t stop and they lose $15k! Know when to stop!

Lastly; play smart. Don’t play the whole board! That’s one of the essential things you need to consider when doing sports betting online. As you probably already know, some sports bettors love the thrill of the game but this really is a quick road to the poorhouse! The reason is simple; the odds and the vig will kill you! And finally; do not be afraid to bet on “crappy” teams. In all actuality this is where you will find the best value especially when you are battling a point spread! Just like with everything else in life though; if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! So in these instances its probably better to go against your best judgment and real the potential benefits that it could give you over a long time period!

By Matt Sacoche

Important Advice About Sports Betting Lines

In any type of sports betting event have it be football or baseball, a main part is the betting line. The importance of the betting line stems from the simple fact that sports betting lines are emblematic of the betting style that is enforced at a certain point of time. Also, just like the sports betting odds, the lines are made after a very careful study and analysis of the attribute factors that may affect the fate of a specific sporting event you are about to bet on.

Because of the noteworthy role that the sports betting lines play, they highly sought after by the bettors. For the bettors, the sports betting lines serve as “pointers” that may help them find the right direction to take in the betting process. Many professional bettors have said that the lines given in sports betting are correct indicators of whatever current scenario there is in sports. Although the benefit in terms of getting advice offered is really not that big at all.

Sports betting lines can now be collected online from the thousands of sports books that you are a member of. However, it seems important for me to note that the lines in general do not offer any advantage or disadvantage for that matter to mathematically beat the betting process. They are only available to give you a small idea about the particular trend of betting for each game in progress.

It is absolutely critical that you carefully choose sports betting lines before making your initial bet. If you want to win big bucks in the end, you must first try to figure out the trend that the lines are suggesting. Most professional gamblers often say, placing a sport’s bet is all about understanding what the lines mean and how they will affect the outcome of the game or your bets. Please also note that in general the lines given on sports are actually swayed by the bets placed by the bettors. With this said there is a very strong possibility that whatever the outcome, has only come out as a results of fluctuations. In turn, an expert bettor must be sensitive to whatever changes that may or may not occur. Furthermore, it is often best that you know the betting lines move, for a greater understanding of this specific attribute may help you figure out what to bet and how much to bet.

Obviously there are numerous amounts and types of sports betting lines available. They range from football, hockey, baseball, horse racing, and a whole lot more. However, one of the most popular sports betting lines are the NFL lines. If you are a huge football fan and are also looking for NFL betting lines you should be aware that the lines in football basically gyrate around the point spread. More often than not I have found many different resources indicating that the lines for American football are displayed as a money line, which is actually a really good indicator of the odd that a team will win. In sporting events, the money lines can be understood as the amount of money you need to bet on. Lastly, before you bet in football make sure you understand the given lines!

By Matt Sacoche

Sports Betting Odds – Recognize Sport Events Where Betting Odds Are Favorable

Like many other games betting on sports is an old game with the difference that previously it was not considered legal but now many countries have recognized it as a legal activity. For instance sports betting are considered legal in many European countries. However some states in United States still consider sports betting illegal.

In sports betting when you walk in to any sport book you can find a list of games which are included for sports betting plus their betting lines and sports betting odds are also mentioned on it. Bettor can get an edge on sports betting if he is able to recognize sports where the winning odds are favorable. In sports betting it does not matter how often bettors place their bets. Any bettors can make more and more money by comparing odds this service is offered by various bookies. Here one important factor is that bettor should always try to choose the right sport book that contains better odds comparison because it is the point where the winning and losing of bet starts.

Bookies who offer odds comparison often require bettors to first select the sport of their choice and competition. It will then lead to comparison of sports betting odds. Bettors choose the best odds from this comparison list and click to place their bets at sportsbook.

For recreational bettors who want to place bet with a single bookie. It is suggested that they should select sport book after comparison of different sport books and that sport book should be selected that is offering lowest margins as compare to others these books are mostly located near to the top of odds comparison. So in this way by selecting bookmaker with the best sports betting odds and lower margins bettors can generate more profit according to mathematical laws of possibility.

By Matt Sacoche